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29 April 2011 @ 08:10 am
If you were invited to the Royal Wedding, what gift would get the bride and groom?

A jar of pickles?
29 April 2011 @ 07:59 am
So I added two dreads to my hair. Awesomeness. I used the twist and rip method, with no wax instead the natural way :)

URGHH.. I am having some serious issues with  my mother. She is neglecting my younger brother (he is 14). Its like he isn't even that important to her. She buys him fast food, and microwave food because its quick and easy. He has a little bit of a weight problem. She only cares about doing plays and seeing her cheating ass boyfriend...
When I politely brought up that he needs to eat better food she started the "I just can't seem to do anything right :(" Thing. WHAT THE FUCK! Its not even about her its about the wellbeing of HER SON! Stupid Stupid Stupid. I can't take it any more..
I love my mother but she has some serious flaws.
Damn I can't imagine being married to her. No wonder my dad went insane!
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

My car is a Blue Buick..
Her name is Miss Daisy May.  She likes long drives by the lake, prefers cold weather, and she loves trees.. :)
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25 April 2011 @ 06:23 pm
Its been awhile since I have posted.  Finals are coming up, plus court.
I am a little over whelmed, but it will be okay. I am kinda worried about my grade for my online course. I don't think I have done so well. I did turn in some extra credit, so as long as I got a passing grade (D) then I'm good.

This summer I am taking all online classes because of my scedule, but I just have to control myself and do an hour for each subject 4 days a week. I can do that.

In my mass media class we saw this film about Fred Phelps. They've picketed my old highschool before. Its really sad that there are such hateful closed minded people in the world.  I think we should have like a love rally or something :)

I am thinking of posting videos... hmmm.
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     Common requirements                                                                                             124 Hours all completely
X     English 101
English 300
Physical Education 198
Math 110/116
102 of a foreign language
Transformal Experience

General Education Requirements  12-15 Hours in each division (6 hours max in a department)

      Arts and Humanities
            English (Excluding EN 101, EN 200, EN 300, or HN 102)
    3        Speech communication
   3         Art
     3    Mass Media
            Modern Foreign Language (excluding 101 and 102 courses)
   3        Music

       Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      3     Biology
           Mathematics (excluding 101 if used for Univ. requirement)

       Social Sciences
           Political Science
    3       Pyschology
      Department Requirements
         X   AN 112 (Cultural Anthropology)
             AN 116 (Physical Anthropology)
             AN 324 (History and Theory of Anthropology)
             AN 362 (Methods of social research)
             SO 100 (Introduction to Sociology) or SO 101 (American Social Problems)
        X   AN 114 (Introduction to Archaeology) or AN 303 (Human Prehistory)
            AN 320 (North American Indians) or AN 309 (Mayan/Aztec Civilizations) or AN 317 (Peoples and Cultures of Africa)
            AN Elective
            AN Upper Division Elective
            AN Upper Division Elective
            AN or SO Upper Division Elective

08 April 2011 @ 07:46 am

My 105 Truths

1. real name - Elizabeth
2. like it - I love my mom for giving me such a beautiful name
3. single or taken - sooo taken. I have my soul mate :)
4. zodiac sign - Leo
5. male or female - female
6. elementary - I was homeschooled for a long while
7. middle - sucked
8. high school - never went. got GED instead.
09. eye color - blue
10. hair color - dusty clay brown
15. are you a health freak - sometimes to the extreme
16. height - 5' 5"
17. do you have a crush on someone - yes
18. do you like yourself - for the most part
19. piercings - ears,
20. tattoos - peace tree
21. righty or lefty - righty

22. first surgery - tonsils
23. first piercings - Ears
24. first best friend - hmm nikki
26. first sport - tennis
27. first pet - Puckster
28. first vacation - don't remember where, but I remember a lake and a boat.. and many seagulls
30. first crush - was my best friend. She was adorable
49. eating - So far just coffee
50. drinking - ^.^
51. about to - I should study.
52. listening to - Nana talk
53. waiting for - Midterm on monday
54. wearing - jeans, barefoot, brown sweater
56. want to get married - I am, except on paper
67. careers in mind - Archaeologist is my goal

68. lips or eyes - Eyes
69. hugs or kisses - hugs
70. shorter or taller - tall, but only slightly
71. tan skinned or light skin - Israeli
72. romantic or spontaneous - just plain crazy
73. dark or light hair - dark
74. muscular or normal - I like sleek muscles
75. hook-up or relationship - relationship
76. similar to you or different - he are competely different

78. kissed a stranger - no
80. broken a bone - never
81. climbed up a tree - I am a tree hugger you know
82. broken someones heart - yes
83. turned someone down - yes
84. liked a friend as more than a friend - that is what usually happens

86. yourself - always.
89. Santa Claus - never.
90. kiss on the first date - once
91. angels - in a very different way.

92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? not in a sexual way.
93. Do you hang out with these people? I've seen them briefly
94. Are you cool? in a way

95. Text message - cor cor i think
96. Received call - unlisted number
97. Call made to - work
98. Comment on MySpace - myspace sucks
99. Missed Call - work
100. Person you hung out with - sully and aj
103. You talked to - mom
104. You slapped - no one recently
105. Said I love you to - Sully

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08 April 2011 @ 06:31 am
I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

I draw the line at -5.. thats just bull...
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07 April 2011 @ 01:56 pm
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

Get out of my lawn mofo before I blow your brains out.... (Karate chop!)
06 April 2011 @ 09:15 am
If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?

Definitely Hope's Grandparents from Raising Hope. They are halarious!
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03 April 2011 @ 12:54 pm
Azure and I are laying under the tree on a blanket. Its beautiful out. The wind is blowing, and the sun is shining. She is giggling. There are two things that are missing. Alex and Solomon.

I finished cleaning the kitchen, it was a horrible mess. I let Azure eat a banana and get messy while I was cleaning, then I gave her a bath. Then I showered myself. I feel like I should start doing yoga outside, its just so sweet and beautiful.

Sol and I are going to take the recycling out once he comes home from work. He works later now so it will take a little while. He got a raise and is beginning to close the cafe. We make a really awesome pair. Sexually it has been hard to get back to where we were, because Azure is here, and we are also room-mating. So we barely have any alone time. Its something we are working on though.
We have begun a notebook that we can write any of our thoughts or needs in, the other reads it and writes what they think. So fair its been working very well. It was Sols idea.
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